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Specialized 2WD off-road car YZ-2CAL for carpet / artificial turf road surface has been upgraded to 3.1, and is now available with more practical equipment!

Although it is an upgrade, it is a newly designed part that covers the entire chassis, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a new machine. With the goal of improving the sense of stability corresponding to the speedup due to the intensification of the power source, the time will be improved by lengthening the chassis, changing the wheelbase in the steering hub carrier, and changing the rigidity balance by reviewing the front and rear parts composition. We have achieved total balance.

The suspension has also been changed to the latest configuration such as changing to a 3mm shock shaft, upgraded to a responsive suspension, and the system for the 2022 season is fully prepared.

■ NEW !! The main chassis has a longer wheelbase while inheriting the chassis design of the carpet specifications. ■ NEW !! The
roll center can be selected to be 1mm higher than the conventional position by the new steel front suspension mount.
■ NEW !! Bulkhead mount and side plate are integrally molded to improve front rigidity
■ NEW !! Steering hub carrier with 1mm longer axle position and steering stopper added by changing the design of the kingpin shaft
■ NEW !! Thin to normal size New battery holder that can be adjusted to the short Li-po battery
■ NEW !! New shape that separates the rear mount base and upper arm mount to enhance the
flexibility around the rear ● Z2-018-5 Rear shock tower (5-hole shock mounting) Specifications)
● S4-S1S front shock (3.0mm X ring specification)
● S4-S1M rear short shock (3.0mm X ring specification)
● S4-008R5 rear suspension arm S5
● Z2-01069 universal shaft 69mm bone
● Z2-DTMBL J Adopted concept S2 lightweight body

SPEC Overall
length: 408mm (including wings and tires)
Overall width: 245mm
Wheelbase: 283mm
All equipment weight: 1500g
Secondary reduction ratio: 1: 2.6

Assembly kit
What you need to drive: 2 channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (short Li-po, 2 cells), charger, motor, 1/10 size 2WD buggy 2.2 inch tire / wheel, pinion gear, paint for polycarbonate