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This is a narrow size competition model with rubber tire specifications that has a high sense of scale and was developed with a focus on the RC Formula Car race that is exciting in F1's home Europe. 

The kingpin & coil spring type front suspension is a highly rigid graphite suspension arm, and the tread can be adjusted in two stages by replacing the bush. By separating the aluminum front bulk and floating mounting the servo, you can realize a supple running utilizing the bending of the main chassis. Long side links and 3P suspension specifications around the rear bring out the grip of rubber tires. The large-capacity pitching damper of the same size as the touring car has a high sense of stability and offers a wide range of spring choices. For roll shock, a large aluminum cylinder is low-mounted, and the rigidity of the rear bulkhead is increased to support high speed cornering. 

The kit includes RIDE XR control tires, which are designated for ETS (Euro Touring Series) racing, and Italy Mon-Tech control wings. It is a package for full-scale RC formula racing.

Main Specifications

■ 2.5mm thick composite carbon main chassis 
■ Front kingpin coil suspension 
■ Left and right split type aluminum front bulkhead 
■ Carbon front lower / upper arm 
■ Front tread adjustable (wide / narrow) 
■ Front camber changeable (1 degree ~) 2.5 degrees / 4 steps) 
■ Floating servo crank 
■ Long side links 
■ Designed exclusively for rubber tires High-strength aluminum rear bulkhead 
■ Carbon lower / upper brace 
■ Adjustable rear wing height (4 steps) 
■ Large built-in thrust bearing Diameter ball diff 
■ Machine cut spur gear (93T) standard equipment 
■ Large capacity pitching damper (touring car size) 
■ Large capacity machined aluminum roll friction damper 
■ Ride XR tire included (ETS control tire) 
■ Italy Monte Wing standard equipment (ETS control wing) 
■ Rear height adjustment function 
■ Full ball bearing

Assembled chassis kit
Necessary for running: 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, steering servo), battery (Li-Po 2 cells etc.), charger, motor, 1/10 size formula car Body, paint for polycarbonate