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Yokomo has released details of its latest 1:10 2WD Competition buggy, the SO2.0.  The World Championship winning Japanese manufacturer has given the latest kit 13mm big bore shock for more than 10% more capacity than before for improve performance.  It achieves both high stability and response, and draws a smooth turn arc.  New steering block makes it easy to match the regulations with new design making it possible to change the tread width by installing it inside out. Normally, the wide tread meets the race regulations, but if you use a wheel with a deep offset, you can clear the regulation by turning the steering block upside down and narrowing the axle position.  An aluminium plate is installed under the servo to adjust the weight and rigidity of the front.  You can change the effectiveness of the steering according to the road surface conditions.  In addition, the mechanical tray, which was previously made of resin, has also been changed to steel, contributing to a lower centre of gravity and improved traction.  Another feature of the SO2.0 that Yokomo has added are the front and rear wings with increased downforce and the low-profile body control aerodynamics, contributing to stability at high speeds and posture control during jumps.