YOKOMO MD2.0 DRIFT (Black/Red/Purple/Blue) Premium

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A drift machine that is built by polishing each part one by one. With our uncompromising design philosophy and commitment to drifting, we will pave the way to unrivaled excellence. The ultimate competition machine is completed with the weight of aluminum parts and the lacy image of graphite.


■Graphite double deck chassis
■Graphite F&R suspension
arm ■New aluminum front bulkhead
■Multi-position slide rack
■Aluminum front upper arm
■New F&R hub carrier
■4 gear transmission
■F&R magnet body mount
■Floating battery holder
■Rear ESC mount

What you need to run the assembled kit: 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), steering gyro, battery (short size Li-po 2 cells), charger, motor, drift body , Paint for drift tires, wheels, pinion gears, and polycarbonate

Designed with an aluminum bulkhead for increased rigidity. Even with quick swings, you can run with less twisting.

Set to Ackermann ratio that maintains toe out slightly more than parallel. The standard kit alignment is especially designed for driving on P-tile roads.

An aluminum upper arm is adopted as standard. It is possible to enhance the trace feeling of the front and increase the variation of running lines.

For the first time, magnetic mounts are used as standard on both the front and rear.

The battery holder is also made of graphite and has a lightweight finish. The battery is placed as close to the gearbox as possible to maximize rear load.

The front steering block is equipped with the latest inline axle. The position of the steering stopper has also been revised to maximize the steering angle.

The steering servo has been relocated to the battery position, resulting in an ideal 3:7 weight balance. The steering crank is also made of aluminum for sufficient response.

The front suspension arm, which was previously a hanging type, has been redesigned to be mounted on the main chassis. This increases the rigidity of the front and enables a sharp ride typical of a competition machine.

It is possible to move the motor around the spur gear axis. Adjusting the front and rear weight distribution will greatly affect the direction of the settings.

The standard transmission is a 4-gear specification, which increases rear traction during acceleration. By using the optional aluminum axle adapter, it can be converted to 3 gears.

By mounting the rear bulkhead closer to the front and changing the mounting position on the front side of the upper deck, it is possible to convert to a short wheelbase specification (approx. 10mm short).

A graphite rear ESC mount is standard equipment.

You can quickly access the differential by removing the cover on the bottom of the bulkhead. Settings by changing the oil viscosity of the gear differential and maintenance of the ball differential can be done quickly.

The rear body post is made of aluminum. The mount position can be precisely set according to the body shape.