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A direct-drive machine that maximizes the fun of the speed category. The GT machine from Yokomo returns to the circuit with its sharp throttle response and cornering performance!
This speed car has the low profile of a GT machine, and delivers high performance. Equipped with a realistic body shape, semi-slick tread radial tires, and a relatively simple chassis configuration, this is the perfect package for racing fun. Of course, the front suspension settings and wheelbase can be changed to bring out the desired driving characteristics. We plan to hold race events in various locations, so from setting up to driving and participating in races, this racing car will give you the feeling of being part of a factory team.
Rear 2WD direct drive
GT car body included
All-round radial pattern rubber tires included
Short size Li-Po battery only
King pin & coil spring front suspension
Overall length: 408mm
Overall width: 180mm
Overall height: 95mm
Wheelbase: 234mm (239mm selectable)
Weight of all equipment: 920g