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The FWD touring car, which can be enjoyed with a stable feeling of operation, has evolved to the latest specifications with graphite suspension arms, which are the mainstream nowadays, and a thoroughly low center of gravity!

 Adopting aluminum main chassis as kit standard, reviewing the shape of the front part, it demonstrates outstanding stability despite the heavy front section. The low center of gravity shock tower and short shock, along with the small diameter spur gear and new motor mount, bring about an extremely low center of gravity. Combined with the effect of the low-mount stabilizer on the front, high-speed cornering is achieved.

 The RTC rear toe control is standard equipment on the rear, so it is easy to acquire turning characteristics that match the course layout, reduce understeer that is common in FWD machines, and lead to faster times with sharp cornering.

*The photo is an assembly reference example.
* Kit includes 2-channel radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (Li-po 2 cell), charger, motor, 1/10 touring car tires and wheels, pinion gear (64 pitch), 1 /10 touring car body, polycarbonate paint, etc. are not included. Please purchase separately.
*The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries , pinion gear, and other R/C electrics.