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Teams Lightweight Flex Main Chassis Set for Y2-002TS YD-2 

A new main chassis set for the YD-2 from the Teams brand is finally here!
While based on a slim and stylish design, the balance between weight and rigidity is carefully adjusted by bold lightening and milling on the bottom. Not only does it increase rear traction, but it also has a flex balance that takes into consideration the load on the front tires, and has achieved a response that reliably responds to steering operations.

By incorporating ideas that make use of the original flexibility of the chassis material and making the FR / RF suspension mount compatible with the separate type, it is possible to configure it so that it does not interfere with flex. In addition, since the battery holder has a compact separate shape, the entire chassis plate can be fully utilized, and a driving feeling with high road surface followability can be obtained even for uneven road surface and bold throttle operation.

* When using for YD-2Z, the upper deck post and the battery holder will interfere, so it is necessary to scrape the underside of the upper deck post by about 2 mm each on the left and right.