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This is Yokomo 1/10 Super Drift SD1.0 RWD Drift Car Assembly Kit EP. Customizing the machine is one of the great pleasures of RC cars. Especially for drift cars, in addition to setting and tuning parts, we sell a lot of parts that can be dressed up. Of course, it can handle a wide range of driving performance, and it is attractive that it has a wide range of pockets that can be adjusted to any road surface condition and any operation style.

Based on the newly developed aluminum main chassis, the SD1.0 kit comes with two gearboxes for 3 gears and 4 gears, and you can choose the behavior of the machine in response to throttle operation by changing the rotation direction of the motor. I can do it. These differences are difficult points to cover with tuning, so choosing one will support various situations. In addition, aluminum oil dampers, which can be said to be the first step in customization, slide rack steering popular with experts, aluminum front axle, aluminum rear hub carrier, etc. 


  • 2.0mm Carbide Aluminum Main Chassis

  • 3-gear/4-gear Gearbox Included

  • Aluminum SLF Big Bore Shocks

  • Drifting Springs

  • Lightweight Slide Rack Steering System

  • Aluminum Shock tower (front and rear)

  • Aluminum integrated front axle

  • Aluminum rear hub carrier

  • Aluminum upper deck adapter

  • Compatible with both standard and short Li-po batteries


  • Yokomo 1/10 Super Drift SD1.0 RWD Drift Car Assembly Kit EP (1 set)


  • Body

  • Wheels

  • Tires

  • Motor

  • ESC

  • Gyro

  • Batteries

  • Pinion Gear