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Power HD had introduced an all-new Storm-S15 reverse receiver wire low-profile HV brushless servo for the MUGEN MTC2 chassis. With the receiver wire leaving the case on the opposite side of the outdrive gear – and thus on the inside of the chassis in most cases – wiring can be carried out much neater compared to standard servos that always have the wire on the “outside” of the chassis.

Therefore the servo is the ideal choice especially for 1/10th touring cars, as it not only makes for more tidy wiring but also prevents the wire from being exposed in the case of a crash. Other features include a 2-tone case anodizing on the aluminum case with silver, golden or red details being available, and high-torque aluminum and steel gears make for exceptional durability.


  • Full CNC case with twice oxidation.
  • 7075+303 imported steel gear.
  • Japanese NOBLE potentiometer,
  • HV brushless motor, compatible with 6.0-8.4 voltage.
  • Upgraded PCB to support the SSR, SUR MODE.