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The built-in high precision Hall sensor combined with the high precision
and balanced rotor will guarantee remarkable linearity of the motor.

The G3 Modified & Stock motors only weigh 161g and 132g respectively; the weights are reduced by about 11% & 21% when comparing with the V10 G2 motor. With the light weights, drivers can easily adjust the balance of their vehicles.

By comparison (with the V10 G2 motor), for improvingthe load-carrying capacity, the size of the front bearing of the G3 motor is increased by 26% ; while for lower resistance, the size of the rear bearing is reduced by 6%. The asymmetric bearings design will make the motor running more stable and smooth.

The special shell design which makes the stator core (/laminations) expose to
the air will maximize cooling, the big holes(*) on the front & rear end plates will
guarantee outstanding heat dissipation of the motor.

The detachable structure design for regular cleaning & maintenance will effectively prolong the service life of the motor and retain its efficiency.

The end plates with big holes adopted by the 3.5T~5.0T & 10.5T~21.5T motors will guarantee excellent heat dissipation of the motor for on-road applications.
The end plates with small holes used by the 5.5T~8.5T motors will effectively prevent sand or dirt from getting inside and damaging the motor for off-road applications. Users can purchase and mount the end plates with big or small holes as per actual needs.

The use of high-performance stator core (/laminations), heat(200℃)-resistant pure copper wire, heat(200℃)-resistant rotor with strong structure, international top brand high-precision  and high strength bearings, and copper solder tabs with super current endurance will guarantee excellent performance and great

Motor turns are available from 4.5T - 10.5T.