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The Flysky Noble Pro is a new top end surface radio made by long time manufacturers Flysky. It is a premium version of the Noble NB4, which itself is a mid-high spec radio. The Noble Pro is a radio set that Flysky have thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at and I will review all of the features here so you can figure out if the may or may not be important to you - this will be the main focus of the review. Lastly I will compare against the best offerings from market leaders Futaba and Sanwa to give you a feel if they really do complete in the racing scene.

Before we get to deep into the detail (and there is a LOT with this radio) lets have a closer look at Flysky as a manufacturer. You've probably heard of them before but what you might not know is that they have been manufacturing radios for over 12 years with options in both surface (cars, boats, tanks) and air (multirotors, planes, helis). They initially started out with low to mid-range hobby grade models where their reliability was rewarded with a number of OEM contracts for various RC Cars and Boats This has allowed them to grow their manufacturing base and expand with a more recent push into the premium end of the market with the Noble NB4 and Noble Pro for surface and the Paladin and Nirvana NV14 for air. Let's have a closer look at the present Flysky offerings in the surface category:

Let's list these things out:

  • Controller with onboard 2600mah battery
  • Lockable hard case for controller and accessories with pillow liner
  • Additional 4300mah to clip on to base for endurance run (wireless charging coil)
  • Wireless charging base
  • 1 x FGr4B 4 channel and 1x FGr8B 8 channel AFDHS3 receivers. Telemetry, no gyro.
  • Parts to customise controller feel: different spring sets for adjusting steering and throttle tension, trigger levers to adjust for finger thickness. Spare thicker grip for large hands
  • Spare CNC aluminium parts: Handle, phone mount hinge.
  • Spare steering wheel, foam and internal mechanism
  • Allen keys
  • Key rings, stickers etc.
More Hardware Detail
Before we get into the functions, lets have a closer look at the hardware. In case you didn't watch the video I can say if it is silver, it is metal - except for the steering wheel which is plastic. At around 640g all up with the onboard battery plus the clip on lipo base battery it feels sturdy and premium. The most eye catching piece as far the hardware goes is the way the steering works. It's essentially on a rotating arm the goes around 180 degrees to suit either a left or right handed driver. You can stop anywhere in between as well to get the most comfortable position. This is the same as on the regular noble NB4 but this time the mechanism feels more sturdy.

The screen feels like it has been pulled from an early model mobile phone - 3.5 inches diagonally with 480 x 320 resolution TFT touch screen. It's bright enough in outdoor conditions (early summer here) and responds well to touch. It does the job it needs to well without being overspecced - for examples a 90Hz full HD+ screen would be wasted in this application.

The steering feels consistent in spring rate right through the range (approximately degrees angle left and right) and so smooth as a result. As mentioned in the video there are multiple spring options available and the online manual clearly shows how to replace these. The same is true for the throttle. The front of the trigger is independently removable from the rear and you can replace with thinner or thicker pieces (included) to adjust if you have small or sausage-sized fingers.