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The Flysky Noble NB4 AFHDS 3 Surface Radio is the fastest and most stylish surface transmitter to date. Not only does it look great with its new sleek design and metal finish, but it also features new flexibility and functionality never seen before in the RC world. Excellent addition for car and boat users.

The Noble NB4 is equipped with 2 batteries, one in the handle and one removable power bank in the base. The base will charge the battery in the handle when connected and when disconnected the power bank can be used to charge other devices via its USB output.

 The NB4 is designed to be as comfortable as possible for long sessions at the track. Check out the touch screen and movable, 180degree, wheel mount making it easier and more comfortable for right and left-handed people. There is also trigger adjustments on the size and throw of the trigger. Haptic feedback ensures you feel the alarms in those noisy environments.

Equipped with our newest RF technology, AFHDS 3, the Flysky Noble NB4 is now the most flexible option for cars and boats. Enable sports mode for extra low latency down to 3ms. Easy to view and use color touch screen for changing system settings.

This package comes with one Flysky receiver.

• AFHDS 3 Protocol
• Patented wheel mount can rotate 180 degrees ensuring comfort for everyone
• Both the trigger size and throw are easily adjustable
• Comfortable grip, easy to use buttons and dials
• Haptic feedback for noisy environments
• Easy to use color touch screen
• Dual Battery System, 2000mAh in the handle and 4300mAh battery pack
• Can be used with Cars and boats