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We are excited to introduce our new Adjustable Rear Belt Tensioner for the Awesomatix A800X MMX/MMCX! 

Mid motor chassis place an incredible large demand on the rear belt. Receiving most of the force, the rear belt comes under extensive pressure from the extra length compared to rear motor cars. This is why you may notice the rear belt wearing more than in your rear motor chassis! You also would need to run it tighter than previously to stop slippage on throttle.

It mounts to the battery stop and acts as a 3mm spacer on your battery stop, so use shims to obtain the same spacing you had before. It can then be swivelled up and down to adjust the amount of tension you want on your belt! It can be used with our Centre Stiffener Weight and also Awesomatix's AM105, or on its own

Using our new adjustable rear belt tensioner allows you to run the belt loose on the cam, but increase the belt wrap on the pulleys by increasing the effect the tensioner has on the tension of the belt. This is far more efficient than tightening the belt on the cam, it stretches the belt less and increases the life of the belt. It also has considerably less friction than running the belt tight on the cam!! 

In high traction conditions, it can be very difficult to stop the rear belt having considerable wear and slippage, even when tight. Our belt tensioner stops the belt slipping, increases the forward traction of your car and the life of the belt!

We highly recommend installing this product to increase the life of your rear belt, and increase your cars forward traction and on power response! 


  • Complete Unit including 6x5x2.5 Bearing and Precision CNC Machined Alloy Screw, simply screw to your car!
  • Adjustable travel to adjust the tension
  • Increases the life of your belts
  • Increases forward traction
  • CNC machined from high quality brass
  • Made in Australia

Pictured Centre Stiffener Weight NOT included! Can be purchased HERE