Joyor E-scooter F3

Joyor E-scooter F3

Regular price $990

Brand New JOYOR F3 Electrical Scooter


8 inch wheel, Light weight, Portable, Foldable, Available in Black and White Only

Cutting edge technology - Comfort guaranteed - Cool & Stylish - Convenient - User friendly - Reliable

Model: JOYOR F3
Size: 920 x 520 x 1180mm
Weight: 12KG
Maxload: 120KG
Max speed: 25KMH
Range: 45KM
Voltage: Samsung 36V
Battery Capacity: 13AH
Motor: 350W
Platform width: 16.5CM
Charging time: 2 - 4 hours

Individuals whom are looking for something in between the MyWay INOKIM and E-Twow may consider the Joyor F3 E-scooter, while not as powerful as the MyWay, Joyor silent E-scooter is ligther in weight, trendier and serve every individual needs and wants. 


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Joyor E-scooter F3
Joyor E-scooter F3
Joyor E-scooter F3
Joyor E-scooter F3
Joyor E-scooter F3
Joyor E-scooter F3